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Always a top address!

Rent a galactic Hamburg office with professional service. Flexible office solution, well thought out with Hamburg cleverness.

Think of it like this: you are the starship Enterprise and we are planet Earth! So far, so good. So when you “beam” from A to B on your business appointments and no longer know whether your name is Spock or Captain Kirk, the HBC team will hold down the fort at your base and, above all, keep a cool head!

Which simply means that we are your backup during your long voyage through the universe! And you don’t have to commit yourself for light years, although you are certainly welcome to! Well, that makes you perk up your ears...right?

Our virtual office solutions offer you the space for plenty of flexibility. You put together a service package to meet your specific needs: use our exclusive business address in Hamburg Eppendorf and simply book the desired supplementary services such as your own telephone number, call forwarding and message recording. Our professional team will use your company name when answering the phone, and your callers are in the best hands. A call note is sent to you by email. Low-cost and flexible meeting and conference rooms are available for your use during business appointments.

So you simplify your everyday business on an almost galactic scale — our goal is your success — nothing less!



WE ARE HAMBURG. Ready for take-off.

Request a personal offer tailored to your needs now:

Your benefits at Hamburg Business Center:

  • Is something ringing? We pick up the phone — from 8.30 a.m. to 6 p.m.
  • Letters, packages and the rest — we have it all under control for you
  • Up to date no matter where you are: we let you know about important messages
  • A personal assistant? We have an entire team!
  • Welcome! Invite your guests to our conference room
  • Exclusive business address in fashionable Eppendorf
  • In everyone’s good books — or even better: your company nameplate at our entrance
  • In transit? Our day offices are the ideal solution
  • Friendly and cheery? We write that in capital letters
  • Leave behind everyday dullness — move into business comfort

WE ARE HAMBURG. Kiek mol in.


Rooms and Solutions

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An Office Without an Office

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Meeting & Conference Rooms

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We are Hamburg Competent, reliable and really smart.

May we relieve you of some of your work? When it’s time to manage your office, we step in, because Hamburg Business Center Eppendorf has the right solution to match every demand. We are your dynamic virtual office — no matter where you are at the moment.

If you want your address to work for you.

  • Complete programme for on the road: your office package
  • Working for you: a cheerful and dependable team
  • Clever: imposing address in Hamburg
  • Freedom of assembly: large and brightly-lit conference rooms
  • Refreshments to keep up your strength: the catering you want for your meeting
Questions? Let us help! +49 40 611 35 555