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Post service, telephone service, assistance services, strong nerves and more First-class service at our Business Center

Modern, Fully Furnished Offices

Comfortable Conference and Meeting Rooms

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Stay in contact with customers, set sights firmly on the goal and fulfil customers’ wishes exactly, preferably even before they know what they need! That is what we mean when we talk about service at a peer level.

A carefully selected crew, a smoothly operating team that genuinely enjoys its work and never loses sight of the big picture — even when things get hectic, we keep the ball rolling for you! Routine work does not put us to sleep; it motivates us to work even harder and better for you. The venue has been at Christoph-Probst-Weg in Hamburg Eppendorf since 2012. We have been playing in the Hamburg business centre league since 1996.

There’s the starting whistle: off we go, pick up the phone, tackle the mountain of post, handle catering — we accompany you into extra time as necessary!

WE ARE HAMBURG. The High Point of the North.

Ask about our services tailored to your specific needs:

Our services at Hamburg Business Center:

  • Cheerful-dynamic team of receptionists
  • Coffee? Our service with a smile
  • Post service — we accept your letters and packages
  • Processing and forwarding
  • Secretarial support: we are happy to relieve you of some of the work
  • Plenty of quality, plenty of experience
  • “It’s not what you say, but how you say it”: telephone service of the personal kind!
  • Warm-hearted reception of guests and “pampering” (the way things are done in Hamburg)
  • Organisation and service for meetings and conferences
  • English, Polish, Low German: our international reception service

WE ARE HAMBURG. Kiek mol in.


Rooms and Solutions

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An Office Without an Office

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Meeting & Conference Rooms

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We are Hamburg Flexibility, dependability and quality!

HBC is a family-owned company with a competent team that has been working together smoothly for many years. We plan, support and organise so that you have time for what is really important.

Cast off! With us at your side.

  • Reliable, first-class service
  • Preparation of expense reports
  • Your back office for all office work
  • Support, organisation of your meeting, conference or seminars
  • Editing and preparation of presentations
  • Proposal: “worry-free” reception for visitors
  • Print, scan, bind and copy
  • Keep your diary up to date
  • Or simply do some proofreading...
Questions? Let us help! +49 40 611 35 555